Island Park General Chamber meeting

Island Park General Chamber meeting


Pie Craft Pizza 7:45

Our President, Mark Taglianetti opened up the meeting starting with:

Old business – none

New business
– Restaurant week is July 10 – 18, beginning on a Friday and ending on a Saturday with a “Pub Run”, 4 locations starting at 6:00 with Miami Night, Poncho’s, Flamingo’s, Island Park Ale House consecutively where pre-sales will receive a pint glass and a tee-shirt with Sponsored business name all at the cost of $45 per person. This charge entitles each attendee to 1 mystery shot/drink at each establishment, who will write a specified letter on the wristband to indicate they have received your 1 drink. At the last venue, The Ale House, there will be food and karaoke. Three dollars per person goes to each establishment. Mark stated that the point of the event is to raise funds for the Chamber. The event is estimated to bring in a profit of approximately $2,276.

Barbara Rubin wanted to know what the fundraiser for because as a chamber we would have to have a cause since we are not a charitable organization.

Mark stated that there will be a Pedi cab available for whoever needs it. He also stated that he will be doing the printing at no cost and that the tee-shirts and pint glasses will cost the Chamber $600 for 75 tees and glasses.

Glenn Ingoglia asked what if someone comes the night of and wants to pay $45 to get the full deal. Mark stated, if there are any available after the pre-paid have received their items then they are more than welcome to get the tee-shirt and pint glass.

Some of the meetings attendees felt the price was too much for 4 drinks and for not knowing what drinks would be offered by the pubs. Mark said he did a comparison with pub runs he did in the past and the deal wasn’t nearly as good because the drinks were just discounted, neither did they receive the tee-shirts or glass and they charged $25. Mark also stated that $45 was just an idea. Hope recommended that we add another venue such as Rio Fusion. She stated that she has a connection there and would ask them if they would be interested in participating. It was recommended that we offer either or tee shirt or glass.

Mark will go back to the bars/pubs and ask them to be a little more specific with what drink they will offer and ask that there be at least a choice between beer, wine, a well drink or a signature drink/shot.

The question was asked, if we are going to ID each person or will the bar/pub. The consensus is that it is the bar/pubs responsibility to ID each person being served alcohol.

Debbie suggested lowering the price this year and up it next year. She also recommended that the businesses that are printed on the tee-shirts do a sponsorship. Mark stated that is the intention and the price of the sponsorship would be $50.

It was also recommended that we get event insurance to protect the chamber and its officers. Henry Hastava stated that it could cost approx. $400. Mark said he would look into it.

Annual awards dinner – Mark asked if we could have the dinner on a Friday instead of a Thursday. He would like to have a comedian to present the award after he does a comic set. Glenn recommended that we just give the comedian a spot during the dinner. The question was asked, how much it will cost, would it be more expensive on a Friday verses a Thursday. Mark asked how many attendees we usually have. Mike Scully stated, last year there were 97, the year before there were 125….Mark says he’s going to get at least 200 with a celebrity comedian.

– Herald ad will be going in 1 week before restaurant week with a blurb for upcoming Chamber events. More to follow.
Mark stated that he is still working on participating restaurants.

Debbie made a suggestion for beautification efforts in the village. Where there are vacant store fronts, with the landlord’s permission, we could have murals painted in the windows, advertising/promoting the opened businesses in the area.

Karen asked about the flower pots in the village that was donated by the IP Chamber last year. She stated that she would plant them if the Chamber would purchase a couple of flats of flowers.

Debbie asked if we would be sponsoring a wreath for Memorial Day. She said the village has not invited anyone yet.

Meeting was adjourned.

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